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Self-Reflection Tuesday

I find myself thinking a lot about life the last few days. Given the state of what our world is going through right now it makes sense, but why can’t there be more good out there? It gets very frustrating day in and day out to hear negative news report after another, how about some good?

I’m not going to say much about it, but just sit back and think today about anything good that has happened recently in your life or those around you. Find that moment to reflect on things that you might have been happy about or maybe something you might have done that made you unhappy…reflect upon it. How did you feel? How did others feel or respond? What could have gone better [for you]? Just think about it.

The above sayings are a few I found intriguing and wanted to share with you all. Again, just something to think about from time to time when life gets in the way.

On another note, life in Wisconsin is same as always. Unpredictable weather and football outcomes. My husband and I are literally days away from having a hole in the ground for our house. Only three/four weeks behind, but isn’t that how it works? It is according to everybody giving us advice. As for CrossFit, we are both still enjoying it at our new box and are so happy we made the change we did when we did. I have not held this confidence in myself in a long time. Having the support from our coaches too has really made it that much better. Thank you to them.

Have a great day and week everybody.


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