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It’s December! Holy cow!


It is mind boggling that today starts the first day of the last month of 2015. I’m sure many of us could think back on the many several things that have happened in all our lives this year…the good and the bad. Hopefully more good.

Last week was Thanksgiving Week and it was a good week for my husband and I. For us, we are finally seeing progress in our house. We broke ground last week Monday and had the footings for the basement poured the day before Thanksgiving. Of course as our luck would have it, it has been raining here since the end of last week off and on, so the walls of the basement will be poured at the end of this week. I went to watch them dig the hole last week and the sense of overwhelming joy that rushed over me brought tears to my eyes. Think of a moment you have been waiting for for a long time, how did you feel when it finally happened? That’s what this feels like for us right now.

The husband and I went Black Friday shopping together for the first time and had an amazing time. We were done before 10:30am and had the entire afternoon to just be together. It was wonderful. Whenever I go Black Friday shopping I always make it a goal to make the sales people smile and feel human. It drives me insane when people freak out because the scanner did not ring up the proper sale price or when they have to wait in line for *gasp* 20 minutes and take it out on the sales people. Do these psychos realize they are out on the biggest shopping day of the year? Do they realize that technology is not always going to work 100% of the time? Apparently not. So when I check out I talk with these people and make them smile so at the end of the day they can look back on think the day was not so bad. It might seem corny and cheesy, but if I can make just a tiny difference in the day, that is doing something right?

This last month of the year I want to focus more on what I am blessed to have in my life. Even if it is something simple as having a home or my pets, every little thing has helped shape me and my life. Today I it is my husband who I am beyond thankful to have in my life. He does so much for me and is my biggest supporter. I can honestly say my life would not be what it is today with out him in it. He is my equal in every aspect and my best friend (I do not care if people think that is cliche). Everyday I hope to make him proud just like he makes me proud. I love you so much babe.


I want to do a word of the day too today, and today that word is love. Show one another the love you hold for them. It might just make a difference in your day.



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