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Everything DOES happen for a reason.

It has truly been a whirlwind of a two weeks for my husband and I. Our new house is really starting to come along and has me (at least) completely overwhelmed with joy knowing that our new home is finally in progress. After the rough start we had it just brings us hope.

Basement walls and steel beams 12.10.15

The month of December has been an interesting one to say the least for myself and my family. We have seen more downs than ups, but in the end I am hoping that they will all end on a high note. Sometimes I and I’m sure many others wonder why things happen in the sequence they do or even why and even though it seems cliche, I am really started to believe again that there is a rhyme and reason for it all. All I ask is a few prayers for my family as this holiday season we desperately need it. It’s not a lot to ask, but please just send a prayer up and I will send one up for you and yours too.

One thing that I am becoming more and more grateful everyday are the people that have come into my life in the recent months. Some of these people, I feel I have known them forever. We always find ourselves laughing uncontrollably, thinking about the adventures for the future, and making plans for next weekends to come. I wonder why these certain people came into my life and then I think because they were supposed too. Whether it was for a brief moment or for the rest of our lives, they were supposed to be in my life and I in their’s. That in itself I will never let go of.



red dress

Life is full of very interesting lessons, good and bad. Life is full of wonderful people who may or may not still be in your life. The goal is to let them come and go, but never push them away. Take time and enjoy the little bits of life with them, or new people or on your own. It has taken me years to not be so controlling and living life just focusing on one day at a time versus always trying to control what the future will bring. If we go about always trying to control the unknown then it can really ruin the surprises and joy the future holds. Be open and enjoy each day. Say I love you to those you love and say thank you to everyone else. Be patient and be kind. It will make you and your life that much better.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and remember to put a smile on your face today.



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