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Welcome 2016!

We are 5 days into the New Year and it is still hard to grasp that it is 2016. I look back on what last year offered and there was so much it held…

  • I wrapped up my Master’s Degree and graduated with honors.
  • My husband and I sold our house in 8 hours on Mother’s Day Weekend.
  • We made [after much debate] the decision to build a house instead of settling for a house we were not 100% in love with.
  • I got my first ticket ever (funny story there and no I was not speeding).
  • We supported our mother-in-law in her first Ironman race back after Breast Cancer.
  • We took Oreo, our dog, hiking for his first time in the Rocky Mountains.
  • My sister got in Grad school and is doing great.
  • We celebrated 1 year of marriage.
  • We started building our home [after a nightmare to get there].
  • We have stuck by both of our families sides through many, many medical issues that have come up this year and been able to see everyone get better.
  • We have been able to have time to spend with friend in their new beginnings (weddings, new boats, engagements, etc).
  • Making the decision to be happy again where we workout and made a change to a different box.

I could go on as there are more, but this is it in a nutshell.

Last year I did not set any resolutions as I do not believe in the term and I am going to do the same thing this year. I don’t want to fix anything, all I want to do this year is grow. I want to grow as a professional; I want to grow as a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. I want to continue to help my family and friends when they need me. I want to turn myself into the person I always want to be, someone who is happy and lives life fully. I am done holding back and being scared of the unknown, this year is the year to break that mold and start fresh.

If you feel the same way, than take that first step and do that one thing you have been dreaming of doing/starting/etc and get your life moving again.

Happy New Year!




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