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I’m Back!!

Why hello everyone!

I am back and looking to make this even better than it was before! At the age of 30 I am finding myself still figuring out just exactly what I am meant to do with this life. Back at the end of January 2016 I started my own business called Reps & Sets and even though it is fun and I love it, it has been a slow start, BUT it is mine. I am my own boss and I get to work with people in my own way. Being able to be the trainer I know I am is great and nothing can take that away from me. But I want more. More of what you ask? Still figuring that out in my head and I think I have a great idea as to what I want, but I will keep that a secret for now.

This year has been full of great moments and that includes getting back into coaching high school swim. I was asked to be the strength and conditioning coach for an area high school and to be very honest with you all, it has been eye opening in the best way possible. The other women I work with are uplifting, they are fantastic role models and most importantly amazing at what they do. We all have different backgrounds in swimming and crazy enough, we have all found a way to become a well oiled machine and our girls are doing a great job thus far this season. This group of young women we have this year, I feel like a proud momma bear; they are inspired and they inspire me. What more could you ask for in a job?! For me it’s my passion and once the season is over I will be counting down the days to next season.

My husband and I have been in our new house for just shy of 3.5 months now. We moved in exactly 1 year and 1 day after moving in with my parents after selling our old house in under 8 hours last Mother’s Day 2015. What a whirl wind that experience was!! I do believe we will never build a house again!! But we do love our house and so do our pets. They love the freedom and we love that we have our own space again.

Now that I have that out, I have a goal to be open and passionate about sharing more about why fitness means so much to me. I plan to share recipes again and I plan on trying new things to share with you to get you motivated as the holiday season is just around the corner. My Instagram is still live and full of all sorts of stuff and will continue to be so, so check it out! I am so excited to be expressing myself the best way I know how!


Midwest Fitness Chick is back and more fabulous than ever!!

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