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Best part of Sunday…

Happy Sunday! It has been a weird weather weekend around here, it should be in the 50’s and cool and crisp. Right now it feels humid, its cloudy, and it thunder-stormed all night long. Thunderstorms are not entirely my favorite thing, so I want our fall weather back.

Anyway, I love Sundays. Sundays are a day that can be full or full of nothing. Some Sundays we will sit around with our dog and our cats and binge watch Netflix all day long. Other Sundays we clean and take the dog to the dog park where he plays with all his friends, and do to other productive things. But the best part for me on Sundays…..meal planning!! That’s right, meal planning.


I love to take the free time I have on Sundays to get our menu planning done for two weeks in advance. I go through all the meat we have in the fridge, all the veggies, and then pull out all my cookbooks and create our weekly meals. It is so fun and gives me the chance to ensure that we are getting in good, solid meals throughout the week, and in hindsight, helps me figure out how much I will need to get next time I go grocery shopping. For me, this works best!

My husband and I will also meal prep most Sundays to save us time throughout the week making lunches in the mornings. Usually it is lunch for him as my schedule allows for me to make lunch everyday at home. But, getting all the meal prep done gives us those precious extra minutes each morning to spend together at the gym, or talking to each other at home before he leaves for the day or I leave for the day. It is easy, fast, and perfect for us.

So what do we typically eat?

On Sundays my husband will make a hash with sweet potatoes and grass-fed ground beef, onions and apples for his lunch everyday during the week. Sometimes he will add in extra stuff, like extra veggies like brussell sprouts or zucchini or if he is looking to add more starch white rice. Every morning during the week we both eat 1-4 eggs and cook bacon as our post workout meal, I will usually add in a banana, and we both have bullet proof coffee and a protein shake. My lunches typically are hearty salads with lots of veggies, protein and I am a sucker for nuts and dried cranberries on top. We both try to only have a few snacks each day based on how we feel after our workouts in the early am, but it will be anything from veggies, to an apple, to nuts, to some almond butter or even half a sweet potato. Dinner is always a veggie and a protein. We love chicken, fish, beef, and pork best.

By getting us all set up on Sundays for the week it makes it that much easier for us to stick to our meals and our paleo lifestyle each day. Regardless of what sort of diet or lifestyle you are currently in, find a day that works best for you and allow yourself what it takes to plan ahead and stay on track. Proper nutrition is just around the corner!



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