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Day One: My Goals for November.

I absolutely love Pinterest. I love looking at fashion, cars, crafts, and of course inspirational messages as a boost to get out of a negative slump. I found a pin the other day about journal writing, one post for everyday and thought to myself “Hey! That’s a fantastic idea!!” So here we go, day one post one, what are my goals for the month of November….


  1. Be more positive about my appearance. This stems back to my childhood where I was always the heavier girl in the group. To this day, even though I know I look and feel so good about myself, I cannot look in the mirror without seeing the tummy rolls and small breasts. This month I will work on finding something beautiful about myself and actually listen to what I am saying and not just saying it to make my friends and family happy.
  2. Learn something new about being an entrepreneur. Since I opened up my own business at the beginning of 2016 I have learned so much about the do’s and don’ts of being a small business owner. So I want to learn more about running a business, with marketing, advertising, etc.
  3. Go with the flow. I tend to have a hard time with going with the flow when it comes to pretty much anything as I am a bit of a control freak. Think of Monica from the sitcom Friends, just not as bad. So if something pops up that was not originally scheduled I am going to work at just going with the flow and just live life!
  4. Listen more and talk less. I am usually an extremely great listener and an even better talker, however, at times I do tend to talk to much. I am not sure if it that I just like sharing my experiences with others when I can relate to them or its more of I want people to know every little thing about me….yikes. So I want to continue to be the good listener that I am and be better at trying to talk over others/talk too much/talk to be heard, whatever it may be that causes it.

Alright, 4 goals, with 2 being rather personal. I will make myself proud. I will do these, I have nothing to lose. I want to be a better version of me. What would you pick as goals for yourself as we go into the month of November? Think about it. Be honest with yourself, but do not be ashamed.




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