Day Two: What don’t I share?

What don’t I share? Wow, that’s a loaded question. I mean there is a reason we do not share certain things right? Because some things just are not meant to be shared, they are meant to stay private. Do I take this literally or figuratively? So, again, what don’t I share?

I tend to think that I am usually an open book to my family and friends. When I meet new people, I am sometimes shy, but normally I am not afraid to strike up the conversation. However, if there was one thing I do not share is that I am extremely insecure. As to what I am insecure about, that is the part that is hard to share, but here we go. I find it hard to express that I am insecure about actually succeeding and feeling confident, as well as reaching outside of my comfort zone in order to be successful.

That was hard to let out.

Please do not laugh or judge me. We all have our issues and that is mine. I am a go-getter, but when I have to venture into unknown territory to get what it is I need to get there, I sort of freak out. I doubt my ability and that leads to maybe not going through with it or putting it on the shelf until a later date. As of late I have gotten better because my husband and my family are always super supportive of the decisions I have made to further my career.

Think about what you have a hard time sharing and maybe, just maybe find a way to share it, even if it is just saying it out loud to yourself or to your spouse or a friend. It might make you feel a lot better.





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