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Day Four: Describe Where You Are Now

I wish I could be more creative with this one, but it’s not that cool. Right now I am sitting on my couch in my family room with my fat cat Bosco snuggling up next to me keeping me warm on this fall night.

The room is dark except for a few lights on and the fireplace is on giving a soft glow over the furniture and the walls. My fall decorations are up still for Thanksgiving, which I am actually getting ready to start planning as this year my husband and I hosting at our house for the first time ever.

I have my cozy and fuzzy Sherpa blanket on too, I love my blanket. My kitties like it too as it is soft on their little kitty paws. And most importantly I am watching Netflix and have on one of my favorite shows, Friends.

It has been almost 5 months since we moved into our house and I love how I feel when I am here. I feel whole. I feel at peace. It is my home. I love looking at the painted walls; I love walking down the hall and having my crazy cats run by and try to trip me; I love how my dog loves to snuggle on the couch in the crook of my knees when we watch TV at night after dinner. But, what I love most about my home is that my husband and I are here together and did this together. It was our vision and it came to life. Through the roller coaster ride that it was, in the end it was worth it. We get to call this home.




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