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Day 6: What good am I doing?

I so wish I could say that I was doing so many good things for our society, but I can’t. I do try to be as green as I possibly can be, so I recycle and do not waste if I can help it. My husband and I, we like to help support causes that we believe in, such as Scratch My Belly Dog Rescue and Team Rubicon. Scratch My Belly is a non-profit organization that works to save animals from high kill shelters in Mexico and Southern California. They work with other rescue centers to rehab the animals and work to help find them new homes! Team Rubicon is also a non-profit organization to strives to unite both the skills and experiences of military vets with that of first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams in times of need, like a hurricane or flood. It may not be much, but every little bit counts.

If my husband and I had our way, we would run our own rescue for animals and ensure they have good homes to go to and live the happiest of lives possible. So one day we hope to do just that. Other things I like to do to make good is to treat others like I want to be treated. I always smile at people when shopping, and say hello. I make sure to be patient when shopping, especially over the holidays…it does not make sense to yell and scream at a person when they are working a holiday, running on limited sleep, and have people talking into their ears and at them like they are worthless. If I am the one person who can put a smile on their face then I feel I have done something good. Its not much, but it makes me feel happy and that is what matters.

We also take care of the stray animals around our house. Some might think that is an awful idea, but we love animals and they should all be well fed and cared for in one way or another. A little bit of food wont hurt them, neither will a bowl of clean water. I have been known to save turtles that try to cross roads, help rescue runaway dogs, and comfort crying children. Again, none of these things are a big deal, but to me I am doing something good for others or for myself.

I have in the past done food drives and raised money for Relay for Life, as well as donate clothes to Goodwill.

What good do you do? Does not matter how small, just remember it counts.




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