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Day 8: The people who make my life better

I LOVE this topic today. There are many people I want to recognize for making me a better person.

  1. My Husband: If there was ever a person who believed in me more or loved me as unconditionally as he does it would be my husband. Since the beginning he has had the patience of a saint; when we started dating I was overcoming a horrible relationship where it left me with no sense of trust in men. It did not take long for me to realize that he was not the other guy, but he was someone who loved me for who I was and appreciated what I had to offer. Over the 5 years we have been together and the just over 2 years we have been married life continues to get better because we work as a team and we compromise. Sure, we have arguments and disagree on things, but we always figure out a way to make it work. He has helped me grow as a person, but also as a professional in my field. He is not afraid to give me constructive feedback when I need it most and I am not afraid to hear it. I know that he is honest with me at all times and I appreciate that. My husband also knows how to get me to relax, which for me is very difficult as I am a control freak and stressed out all the time. Usually for no reason at all. I love every little thing he has done for me and I love every little thing about him.
  2. My mom and dad: I am very close with my parents and am beyond grateful for them. I know we all say it, but my parents are truly the best parents in the entire world. Growing up they worked hard so my sister and I could enjoy our childhood. They raised us to always be each others best friend and to be kind to others. Throughout high school and college, they always supported decisions we made when it came to joining different school organizations like marching band, pep band(s), sororities, and more importantly decisions made on what we would major in. Out of college they were there for me through a bad relationship and even when my husband and I needed a place to live when we were building our house. With any given situation we have faced, they have always listened and offered advice when needed and both my sister and I have turned out to be pretty good. Without their love and support, I wonder if I would be the vibrant woman I am today.
  3. My sister: I not only have a sister, I have a twin sister. Growing up it was always a fun time as we did everything together. Barbies, My Little Ponies, Polly Pockets, and Beanie Babies to swimming club and being in band, we literally did it all together. In college it was tough as we were learning to become Courtny and Brittany, not the Twins, but two individuals, however, regardless, we continued to be there for each other no matter what. Since college life has thrown has curve balls, some have been really nasty sliders that have us and gotten us down in the dirt, but somehow, some way we find that way to pick each other up. People always ask if we can read each others minds or feel what the other is feeling and the simple answer is yes, we do. We know when the other is upset even when we are 274 miles away from each other. We also know when the other is happy. Regardless, we miss each other all the time and every time we talk we always make each other happy. If I did not have my sister in my life, to be blunt, it would be empty. She is my other half and she is my best friend. I have learned so much from her and hope I have done the same for her.
  4. My best friends, Sara & Salina: These two women came into my life at very different times. Sara I have known since high school (since 2002, so 14 years) and Salina since college (technically for 12 years, but became friends 10 years ago). Sara and Salina are very different from each other, one works with autistic children while one works in customer service and has a military background. Given that, both of these amazing women have become more than just friends to me, they have become family. Both of them have been there for me in my darkest times and me for them. Both of them are upfront with me and are honest with me no matter what and offer truly the best advice for any situation that has come about. I have had the honor to be there for them on their wedding days and they for me. We have all been to hell and back, but no matter what, we have been friends till the end. I have read when you have been friends with someone for over 6 or so years, that they will always be in your life. I can say that I want these two women in my life forever.

I could mention so many other people, but the list would go on and on and on. Those that have not been mentioned should not fret, but should know it in their hearts how much i cherish them in my life and what they mean to me. Whether it was in college, after college, in high school, or in any jobs, if you have been a part of my life and gotten to known me even the slightest bit, you have helped me become the person I am today and I am truly grateful for it.



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