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Day 9: A tradition that makes you feel at home

I love traditions! They, to me, are what make people unique from one another; what makes one family different from another family. A lot of the traditions that make me feel at home are actually traditions that deal with being at home.

  • For the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc), my family always had our special traditions and I just love them. I remember when my sister and I were little we would carve pumpkins with our grandfather. He always put newspaper down on the counter and then set up our little carving tools and then helped us draw our designs onto the pumpkins. Afterwards he would clean off the seeds and then we would cook them for a fun treat. At Thanksgiving, every year for as long as I can remember we always had Monkey bread for breakfast, watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and then watched the dog show afterwards. We always ate our meal in the mid-afternoon and then afterwards would put It’s A Wonderful Life and have turkey sandwiches for dinner. On Black Friday, my mom, sister and I always get up really early and go shopping. We are born shoppers, so we love being out for hours and hours. We usually hit up the same mall, then Kohl’s, Barnes & Noble, and then have lunch out. After that my sister and I usually start wrapping presents and watch Christmas movies. As for Christmas, growing up, our mom always let us put the ornaments on the tree where ever we wanted and we got to wrap presents together too. When I got older I always read Nancy Drew books by the light of the Christmas tree and my sister and I would periodically rearrange the gifts too (and possibly try to figure out what was in them). On Christmas Eve we always had dinner and then opened up gifts from my mom’s side of the family and on Christmas morning we had a delicious breakfast and then open gifts from my dad’s side of the family. I absolutely love the traditions my family has and I have taken some of these into my married life with my husband and we have of course started our own traditions. The holidays are by far my favorite traditions.
  • Gopher Football: I am a University of Minnesota alumni and was a member of the University of Minnesota Marching Band, so I attended every single football game and had very specific traditions then and have new ones after being out of band for a few years. In band I always put my hair into two french braids and wore the ends in buns to make sure they were above the collar of my uniform. I also wore the same maroon shirt and navy blue shorts under my uniform….if I wore a different shirt it was bad luck. When my sister and I were of legal drinking age, I went with my mom and dad to The University Lounge, a small bar inside of the hotel they always stayed at and had a drink or two after rehearsal. It was so much fun just spending time with them and either watching hockey or talking about what we had been up to during our time a part from each other. Our parents came to every single home football game and were highly dedicated band parents and came to every single thing we marched in, played in, etc. For plaza, they were there, pre-game they were in the stands, post game, right at the edge of the field to see us, and then met us outside of Northrop to either say good night or take us out for lunch afterwards before the usual band party that might be occurring later that night. Now our Game Day traditions have changed, but on any given Saturday my sister, dad and myself will call each other throughout the game to talk football. Sometimes my sister and I will even Skype for bigger games so we can pretend we are watching the game together. I always wear a few specific Gopher clothes that I find lucky and just enjoy the game. My Gopher football traditions are fun and I would not have it any other way!


I could go on and on about traditions, but we would be sitting here forever reading about them. I hope you love your traditions as much as I love mine!




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