Day 12: Is Your Life What You Imagined?

Is my life what I imagined?

The honest answer is no, it is not.

But, my life is exactly what I have ever hoped it would be.

When we are little we think of all these big, adventurous, glamorous, and crazy ideas will happen to us when we grow up, but realistically, for a majority of us this is not the case. I would much rather work hard everyday to live the life I have right now. I love that feeling of accomplishment  I get when the work that I put into something pays off. I love knowing that because of me and because of my husband we have a roof over our heads, three wonderful pets to care for, family that we could not live without and love unconditionally, jobs to help pay the bills, and our friends to make life fun.

Like most of you reading this, you can think back to instances in your life you had never imagined would happen, both good and bad. These might have hurt you, broke you, or they might have lifted you and supported you, either way sometimes we cannot rely on what we imagined to be our reality. We should enjoy letting life just happen. We can always hope that something great will happen, but if it does not, should we let it bring us down? No. let your imagination be your guide to living life as best as you can. Great things could and will happen, I promise.

Life might not be what you imagined, but life is what you make it. Go out and live.



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