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Day 14: A silly thing you would really like

This is actually a harder topic than I originally thought. I am so random and silly most of the time that thinking of something silly I would really like, well, I have to think about it.

Ok, I thought of something and I think it’s pretty epic. It may not seem silly, but as I sit here re-watching Gilmore Girls in preparation for the new episode(s) coming out at the end of this month, it made me feel nostalgic for things from my childhood. It made me think of all the fashion styles back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, the toys I had growing up, the games, and the rest of the stuff we did back then for fun. But the silly thing that I would really like right now would be….

To go back in time and have a gigantic sleepover with my friends again. Yeah, might seem silly, but that’s the point!

Last week one of the other coaches for the swim team was talking with her daughter about these fun things they used to do for club swim and then the girls started talking about sleepovers and it just sounded so fun. It made me think back to the crazy, silly things we did at sleepovers. There was lots of listening to the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, staying up to watch SNL just to see the music performance at the end, going out to see late movies at the theater, playing MASH, and oh so much more. To be young again! I think it would be interesting though to do it all over again, however, it is also a great thing to have had those memories with those friends when it happened. So I will continue to think back on this and smile and dream about how much fun it really was to be a kid.




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