Day 17: What do you do when you are lost?

When I feel lost I usually do one of two things, those being either not talking about it (which is weird as I talk a lot), or talking to members of my family to gain guidance. Normally it is the latter and I will either talk to my husband, my sister, or my parents.

I am very close with my family and when I am very lost that is when I will go to my parents. They have lived longer and experienced more in their lives than my sister or my husband have, so at that moment I want their advice on how to get back to reality. I go to my sister when I feel lost without her as she is my best friend, my other half (we are twins, so she really is my other half). But I go to my husband about mostly everything as he is my everything and always leads me out of the darkness and into the light.

Family is everything to me and I really love that my family is always there for me, just as I am there for them. When you trust someone to help you it builds the relationship even more. It improves how you communicate and apparently these days communication is just hard. Everybody reacts differently, and then gets super sensitive because we all think of things differently. So talking with one another helps, especially in the times you need it most.

If you are like me when I close myself off to everybody I know and brood, try to get away from that toxic behavior. It is not healthy and it becomes easier and easier to just fall into that place and leads you to being more lost than where you started. Talk to someone, trust me it helps.



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