Day 18: A book from your childhood

Ahhhhh, best topic ever!! If there is one thing I love about any part of my life (now and then) it would be reading books. I love reading books versus reading from a tablet because the feeling of holding an actual book is cool, the smell of the pages is the best, and that sound the page makes when you turn it….best sound ever!

I think I get my love of books from both my parents, but mostly from my dad. My sister and I always had the best timing ever when we were little, we always knew to interrupt him while he was reading. We still tend to do it now, interrupt when we call him on the weekends, we just always know when he is reading. So how does this relate to a book from my childhood? Because I read books all the time and sadly I cannot just pick one book, so I will list a few books that were awesome!

  1. Nancy Drew Series: I read these books every Christmas (still do)!                                                                           nancydrew
  2. Sweet Valley High (and other related books to the series): My sister and I had literally every single book from this entire series of books. It was based on a set of twins, how could we not love them! Starting with Sweet Valley Kids, Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley Junior High, The Unicorn Club, Sweet Valley High: Senior Year, Sweet Valley: University, and then all the Sagas and Thrillers. The list goes on and on!!sweet-valley-sweet-valley-high-31459947-340-263
  3. Goosebumps: My sister and I also read all the Goosebumps books when we were growing up. They were not super scary, but for being in elementary school they were scary enough!goosebumps
  4. Harry Potter Series: This came when we were in high school, but that does not matter. I remember and old friend said she was reading this series and I thought it was for little kids and refused to read them. Then my freshman year of high school I decided to read the first book and was hooked after the first chapter. harry

This is just a small handful of my favorite books growing up, but they bring out the best memories. I love to read so much!!



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