Day 19: What are you thankful for?

This is coming at a good time with Thanksgiving looming in a few days. This year I can say without a doubt that I have so much to be thankful for.

This time last year we had finally broken ground on our house and this year we are lucky to be living in our home and celebrating our first holiday season. I am beyond thankful for our family and friends that helped us along the way with the building process. Several of our friends helped with all the tile work, the wood floors, and after we moved in with some of the yard work. Without all of the help we received along the way we would have had to wait longer then we already had too to move in. You all are wonderful and we love you all so much. Thank you for everything.

I am thankful for my parents and my in-laws. Both sets of parents went above and beyond to help out Matt and I this past year and I am unsure of how we will ever be able to repay them for the hard work, time, and turmoil we put them through. One set welcomed us into their home for a whole year while the other put down 95% of the wood floor in our house, did electrical work, etc. at our house. How did we get so lucky to have parents like ours? I probably will never know, but that’s ok.

I am thankful for my friends as well. For being understanding that while building our house we literally did not have a lot of free time to go out or spend money. Thank you for supporting us on one of the biggest quests in life thus far.

I am thankful for my health, as well as I am thankful for having a job.

What do you have to be thankful for this year?



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