Day 20: An evening ritual

All people, all couples, all families have their evening rituals. Same order of the same series of events every night. Whether it is how you turn off the lights every night or how you put your kids to bed, your evening rituals are what you do to end your day and how to end it in the best way possible.

Every night that my husband and I are home together, we will get dinner together, put on Netflix and watch whatever show we are currently watching together. We will watch an episode or three and then clean up and prep our pre/post workout stuff for the gym in the morning, feed the cats, then go and get ready for bed. We will throw on Family Guy for a little bit and then snuggle up for the night with the cats. To some, this seems like a pretty boring night, but hey to each their own. This is some of the only time we will get together throughout the week and we cherish each moment.

So, moral of the story, no matter what your ritual is, it is important to you. Live it up right and enjoy the memories you might be making! Those are always going to be there for you.



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