Day 21: A Small Change I’d Like To Make

Wow, that is actually quite the loaded topic considering its only something small. I will be very honest about this one, but if there was a small change I would like to make it would be that I wish I was more patient.

Yep, I am awful when it comes to patience. Most of the time the people that I am around would not know, but my family knows that I can be the most impatient person in the entire world. This leads to me and other issues I have, so if I could just become a little more patient, I would be very happy.

I also want to add another small change I would like to make would be to let things go. I get into my head a lot and have a hard time of letting go of the things I cannot control and I have a hard time letting go of past events too. It is one of my faults and it is hard to share that with you all. If I could just let a few more things go on any given day, I feel that I would feel just a bit more at ease and less stressed out.

These two things are hard for me to come to terms with and I am one that hates change, but oh how I want to work on them. And I will.



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