Day 22: A Big Change I’d Like To Make

Now I have to think of big change???!!

See, I mentioned some “big” changes in the last post for my small changes. To me those were big and small changes all wrapped into one. Why do I need to classify a big and small change? I shouldn’t. A change is a change. My last post I should change it to just “A change I want to make” and this post should be the same thing or a different interpretation of what it is asking.

So here is what I will say….

I don’t want to change anything major in my life, what I mentioned before are the things I really want to work on. I love how my life has panned out, so I do not want to change much of anything. What I would like to see change is our society and the way we interpret literally everything. I wish people were not so sensitive, as I wish that we did not believe everything we see on social media. I am one to talk as I use social media for staying in contact with my friends, but also with my family that lives all over the country, but some people share too much and go too far and then BOOM! Overly sensitive people troll and then we as a society rip each other apart because we do not agree with what they said. I just wish that would change.

I wish we could see a change for the greater good for our country to make it more loving and wholesome again. I know that is cliche and will most likely never happen, but what ever happened to love thy neighbor?

So yes, I do sort of refuse to answer this but that’s ok. Sometimes change is for the better, but sometimes a change is not necessary.



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