Day 23: Something I’m Still Not Sure About

Seriously, where do they think of these topics. And who is they….I mean I honestly don’t know. I am literally sitting here trying to figure out what to say for this topic.

You know I m unsure of what the future holds. Sound cheesy? Yeah, it is, but I am not sure what it holds. Will Matt and I have a baby within the next year and a half (I sure hope so), will my parents find a house in Colorado next summer, and will Matt and I get a puppy?? Who honestly knows, the future is not meant to be known in the present.

So, again, I am not going to really answer this because I am ok with being unsure of what is yet to come. I can only control so much of how my future pans out and the rest is in God’s hands, whatever his plan is for me I will take it. I would rather be surprised than know.

Since I did not say much for this topic, I just want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I am so excited to host Thanksgiving at our new house this year and to cook all the food for my family. I am hoping that everything turns out well and that everyone has a great time. So to you and yours this Thanksgiving!



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