Day 24: The Best Dessert to Share With Friends

I LOVE DESSERT!!!! So picking just one dessert is going to be hard. I will list a few of my favorites, both paleo and non-paleo alike.

  1. Kit-Kat Bars: kitkat     These are one of favorites since I met Matt. He had these all the time growing up as a kid and his Gramio gave me the recipe and now I make them every year for Christmas. Club crackers, peanut butter, butter, chocolate, butterscotch, and sugar… You can’t go wrong here. They have the sweet and salty combinations that most people enjoy, so I think my friends need to have these too! To find this recipe just google homemade kit kat bars and you will be good to go!
  2. Samoa Cupcakes: samoa                                  This is a paleo recipe from Juli Bauer of paleomg.com. It may have more healthy and clean ingredients, but the flavor combos in this particular recipe are TO DIE FOR! Every time I make this recipe, my family goes crazy and even my bff’s husband who is NOT a sweets person loved this recipe. So my friends need to have a recipe that reminds them of one of the best Girl Scout cookies out there. You can find the recipe at paleomg.com or in her newest cookbook Julie Bauer’s Paleo Cookbook.
  3. Matcha Thumprint Cookies: paleo_matcha_green_tea_thumbprint_cookies-plaidandpaleo-3-800x532  So this recipe is also a paleo recipe and is different as it includes matcha green tea powder in the recipe. The reason this recipe needs to be shared is the simple fact that they are easy to make, pack a lot of flavor, and makes you think you are eating a super classy cookie from a foreign country. I have had friends eat these before and they raved about them, so these are a must try. You can find the recipe on primalpalate.com.


Happy Baking!



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