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Day 25: One thing I can’t stop talking about

HAHAHA! Oh man, how do I choose just one thing for this topic?! I mean there are a few things that I do talk about all the time, such as my pets, football, hockey, my friends and family, and the usual gossip, etc. However, there is something I do talk about quite frequently. Any ideas as to what it is?


Yep, I can normally be found talking about crossfit. I know my non-crossfit friends know by now to avoid the subject, but when I am with my crossfit friends or you meet someone new who does crossfit, it is SOOOOOO hard to not talk about it!

We want to know what the other person’s box is like, talk favorite lifts, favorite WOD’s, least favorite of each, and the people. I mean, it is never ending and extremely addicting. I know at times I can get carried away, but I do know when to stop so that helps. What does confuse me though are the people that talk about it, but just bash it. To each their own, however, if you have never tried it and go off of the memes you see on the internet I can guarantee that you do not know what Crossfit really is. So please do not bash what I like to do, it would be like me bashing hunters for hunting and only talking about hunting; I am not a fan, but that’s ok, I do not need to go bash them over something I do not like because its ok to not like everything!

What we do everyday during our WOD’s is what we want to do and makes us feel good day in and day out. We have worked hard to do what we do and we learn everyday how to get better at cleans, snatches, pull-ups, etc. It is like people who strive to be fitness competitors….I give them props for how they train, but more about how they stay so strict with their diets. Let me say I could never do that nor would I want too, but these people work so hard to reach those results and in the end it is worth it for them. Being in crossfit for 4.5 years and counting I have reached goals I never ever thought I could and I still am improving. I am not trying to be a Games athlete, but just be the best version of myself that I can be. It truly is more than just a workout for me, it is a hobby and a hobby that really makes me happy and healthy at the same time!



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