Day 28: Three things I do well

  1. Organized: I pride myself with our organized everything is in my life. Whether it is how well my house is organized, my cabinets, my car, or my whatever, I keep things very clean. Now, this might border on OCD as everything always has to go back where it originally came from, BUT, if it is easy to find and its there each time it makes sense! Having good organizational skills also comes in handy for work. I keep all my files for my clients neatly organized and everything is labeled well so I know what was done on a given day, when and what weights (etc) we were using.
  2. Communication: I do think I communicate pretty well with the people in my life, but like all people I am not 100% perfect at it. I make sure that my husband and I are always able to talk to each other about everything; be open and honest with one another, that kind of thing. I keep good lines of communication open with my clients and my co-workers because it keeps us all honest and trustworthy with on another. It also makes for better business and good for working with others.
  3. Fur mom: If there is one thing that I love almost as much as my husband, it would be how much I love my three pets. Right now they are our children and I do (whether I should or shouldn’t) bend over backwards to make sure they are well taken care of. All three of my pets were rescues, so everyday I just want them to know how loved they are because I never want them to remember how rough they had it before they came into my life. I may be viewed as a crazy pet person, and I will gladly take that title because I am not afraid to admit that I love them so much and that I work to be the best fur mom ever!



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