Day 29: A story that captures my imagination

I know that my imagination is very vivid and that is is one of my favorite things. Since I was a kid I have always been good at using it to create beautiful pictures in my head for drawing, writing, or dreaming. I also love to use my imagination when it comes to reading, which is sort of the point. I love creating the world in the book in my head to get the whole picture and become a part of the story. There are so many stories I could list, but there is one story that I just love so much because it captures the very essence of what your imagination is all about. That story is The Polar Express.


This story for one (and to me) really describes the true meaning of Christmas. When millions of children (and adults) no longer believe in the magic of Christmas, this story brings it alive. A train that takes you to the North Pole with the best hot chocolate in the world, how better can it get?! Oh wait, there are elves, reindeer, and Santa too! When I read  this book or watch the movie, I do like to think about my childhood and if I was one of those kids on that train how I would feel/react to see the real live Santa Claus. I think I would be just like that and jump with joy and have that constant smile on my face. Seeing is believing and in this story it is beyond true.

Regardless of how you feel about Christmas or stories in your specific religion, don’t ever let the magic die. Keep it alive for the future generations and just enjoy it. Let yourself feel that warmth even when you are the parent or grandparent, because when children see you enjoying the spirit of Christmas, they will definitely feel it is real too!



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