Day 30: Memories besides the fireplace

Wow, I know there a ton of these, but they are so old that I have to really think about it. I feel that growing up my grandfather always had the fire going during winter time and that my sister and I used to sit by the fire and play with our toys. It might have been our Barbies or My Little Ponies, or even our Cabbage Patch Dolls, but I do remember playing by the fire.

At our parent’s house growing up I remember hanging our stockings by the fire and having the soft light from the fire light up the room and it always felt so much more magical that way. I do believe that when we were really little we said the fire had to stay on to keep Santa warm while he ate cookies….

I also remember that wonderful smell of burning wood in the fireplace. Starting in the fall when the nights first got chilly to those cold winter nights and the holidays when having a fire always seemed like the perfect thing to have going, it was the smell that went along with it that makes me smile. It always smelt like home. And there is nothing more special or wonderful than home.



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