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What I am Giving This Christmas.

Holy cow it is December 2nd. This year has completely flown by at light speed and is not slowing down any time soon. It still feels like yesterday  that my husband and I moved into our house and were able to be us again after a year of living with my parents not wanting to over step boundaries in their home. It is also crazy to think at this time last year our house was just getting started with a foundation as the only thing showing that this was our future house. Matt did get the chance to put our initials in the cement of the foundation before it dried, forever signifying that this house was our’s first and always. That this house is full of love.

This year has been full of adventure too. Building, painting, moving, decorating, traveling, laughing, crying, swimming, lifting, Netflix binge-ing, and idea creating. I do wonder what 2017 will have to offer after how this year has panned out; which is why I today I have been thinking heavily about how I can give back this year after everything that was given to me this year. Matt has been asking what else I wanted for Christmas and I mentioned a few usual things that I like (clothes for work and Crossfit, some jewelry, etc). Material things. Today as I was pulling into the parking lot at Target the radio station I was listening to was doing a telethon to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and hoping for people to call in to donate. It got me thinking that I really want to donate to something. As much as I love children, I was thinking about another population that means a lot to me too. Animals. So I told Matt that I would really like it for him to have my last gift this year be a donation to MADACC or the Wisconsin Humane Society or even the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association (given our deep love for ACD’s). I am very much hoping that he does this for me as if it helps even one animal find a home or be rescued from the cold streets of wherever this winter I will be happy. Happier than wearing an expensive pair of pants or a shiny piece of jewelry.

This year I think more than past years we need to show that we care more about others than we do for ourselves, meaning that we should find a way to help one another. No matter how big or how small, show some compassion this Christmas and do something out of the ordinary. Give the gift of love. I know that this idea just warms my heart, and I hope it warms yours too.




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