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When you need to find the light in dark.

We all have days where we are nervous about our current whatever in life. Whether its with work or with personal matters, we get nervous and it consumes us. Many of us let it consume all of us and it just drags us down, sort of like quick sand, it just holds us and we can’t get out. It is scary, it is terrifying, and it is human.

I am one to talk as when life gets me down, I am prone to shell up and not let people in to help. It is exactly at that point that you should go to your loved ones and ask them to help you, whether it is a shoulder to cry on, or for advice to take that next step forward. When I do actually ask for help, it feels like 50 pounds have been lifted off of my shoulder. It also feels like I have been able to find the light in the dark. I use that term because that is what it seems like. We put ourselves in a dark place when we are down and we desperately look for something, anything to pull us out. Then we find the light and we feel relief. You know that feeling, you know both of them.

Right now I am working to find the light and I am asking just for a little prayer to speed up the process. If you are feeling this way right now too, I am sending a little prayer your way too, know that you are not alone and that I care about you.

Good luck and do your best to find that light.




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