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Give Yourself Time.

I have written before about giving yourself time to recover, to rest, to think things through, etc. Sometimes we just need to time to figure things out again and there is no shame in that.

A week and a half ago we did a crazy WOD at CrossFit that really aggravated my shoulder. I took the weekend off to let it rest and let it recover and it did. That following Monday I did a little workout at work with limited upper body and it felt pretty good with some minor irritation. I was happy because I knew what I needed to not do, but knew that I could do some things. After getting home I felt off and woke up the next day with a fever and strep throat and sinus infection. These things sometimes just hit you out of the blue and you won’t see it. When I get sick these days, I am sick for days and this was no exception. A whole week of just awfulness. I finally started to feel better after getting antibiotics, but just could not get myself to do more than some chores around the house and sleep.

So what is my point right now besides saying I was sick last week? The point is I gave myself the time to recover before getting back into my normal routine of getting up at the crack of dawn to workout and throwing in the extra workout here and there as well. I got 3 workouts in, albeit not anything super crazy like I normally do, but 3 workouts in while I was sick or recovering. My body felt exhausted right away and I would get winded just from my warm up. I knew that it would be good to move around, but I also know better now then to push myself past my limits. Today, I did a workout at home as I was not sure how my body would respond to the workout and it responded great. I did not die (as I tend to put it), and felt rested and more importantly recovered. I worked on snatch work today and my snatches felt soooo good. I did some conditioning and I was able to get through it as well. The point is, as much as I hated breaking my routine, it did my body wonders.

We need to listen to our bodies more so than what our hearts or brain might say. If your body is screaming at you that it cannot handle it right now, then back off a bit or stop all together. If you need a few days to find a balance within, then by all means take it. If it is a week, ok, then do some small things in-between and when you finally find that motivation again or your body is ready to go, then go! I feel that so many people focus heavily on going till that can barely walk out the door and don’t allow themselves time and they end up suffering from an injury or illness or worse, burnout. They won’t do anything for weeks to months on end or stop the activity and never return to it. It loses its sparkle so to speak.

So in a nutshell, give yourself time. It’s ok. Trust me, it is worth it in the end.




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