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So far this year has been going well…at least in my workouts. Last week at CrossFit we started doing some testing (on lifts and skills, etc). Even though it did not pan out with brand spanking new PR’s in every lift tested so far, it has shown me that I do need to work on a few things, but that I have the best support group around me.

I highly believe that when you surround yourself with people who are positive, have similar interests, and are insanely passionate about what they do [in all aspects in life] DO make a difference in how we react or respond to any given situation. I love my 5am crew at my CrossFit box. We are all fun and slightly crazy for working out before the sun comes up, but we all have one goal and that is to make the day count. By supporting each other we make getting up early more bearable and way more fun.

One of my coaches, she is sassy, so we get along great. We train together most of the time, but today we worked together on the CrossFit Football Total and it was one of the best WODs becainof how she kept me motivated (as I did for her too) to keep trying and not worrying about what weight we were doing. It helped me stay focused. I am known to psych myself out, but lately it’s just been better.

The people that we train with are truly amazing and I am so grateful that they are who I choose to spend my mornings with doing crazy (awesome) workouts. I suggest if you have not already, find your support group, find your people. You will know who they are when you meet them. Trust me, they will make the pain and suffering worth it!

I sure love my people!




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