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How I’m Kicking Off My New Year!

We are now in week 2 of 2017 and it already has had it’s ups and downs, BUT I am working hard to find ways to move through that downs faster and to not let the control freak in me…well freak out.

I received a new paleo cookbook for Christmas entitled Fed & Fit by Cassy Joy Garcia. I really like this book in comparison to others because it adds that fitness aspect into (which clearly I love as I love everything about fitness) and it breaks down each recipe into its macros! How cool is that? It also has each recipe labeled if it is FODMAP, AIP (autoimmune paleo), egg free, nut free, etc. AND, in each recipe it tells you what to omit from the recipe in order to follow what version of paleo you follow! I mean, it could not be any simpler.

Another great piece to this specific book is that in includes a 28 Day Project. I decided to do this as my kick-starter for the year, while others like to do a Whole 30 or  21 Day Fix, this Project includes nutrition and fitness and 3 different ways to go about the Project to really figure out your body and what makes it feel the best and what makes it Fed & Fit (see what I did there?)  I actually was so excited to do this Project that I asked one of my clients (and good friend) to do it with me as I got her into paleo in 2015, and she said yes! Doing things like this makes it so much easier when you have someone who is going through it with you and of course the accountability part of it too, we will do it all together.

Today is Day 2 of our 28 days and so far I feel really good about it. Last week to prep myself I tried really hard to not have as much sugar and salt (i.e. dessert and chips) and some days were better than others, however, something sort of clicked on Saturday. My parents both celebrated their birthdays that day and my husband and I had them over for dinner. It saved us all some money and we were able to control what we ate. I cooked up some yummy chicken thighs, sweet potatoes and zucchini, as well as made paleo carrot cake cupcakes for dessert (had to have a birthday cake of some sorts). The meal was so good, but what surprised me was how I felt satisfied after just one cupcake. I usually want to over eat when it comes to sweets, and after one cupcake my body and brain said one is enough. This for me was a victory in sorts; it told me/showed me that I can gain my willpower back and I can control my cravings. So to have that feeling had me definitely in a more positive mindset as I started my 28 Day Project yesterday and I am hoping to keep moving forward holding onto my guns. If I can do it, it is easier for me to help others find that place where they can push aside the wants and figure out a different solution.

I also have been working to keep my attitude in a better space too and so far I have been rocking that. With what I do for a living people look to me to be that guiding light and people know me for my energetic and bubbly personality. I love my everyday pep-in-my-step and love that people find me enthusiastic and inspiring. That’s what I love about the bloggers I follow and the friends that I have and the reason I go to the gym I go to…it’s because of the people and their attitude. I am a control freak, so letting the bad stuff go is hard, but again, lately I have been able to do just that. You can too, but you do have to want it. Find it within yourself and it can happen.

So, in a nutshell, if you are off to a slow start with the New Year, it’s ok, I’m here to help get the fire going and get you going! Notice never once have I mentioned any resolutions, but I am more working on focusing on improving myself and hoping that it inspires others to improve themselves, with fitness, nutrition, but also in life!




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