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Holy cow I did not realize how long it’s been since my last post. So much has happened, not all good but all an eventual good outcome. As the title of my post suggests it really all comes down to the confidence you have in yourself to know that no matter how bad it gets that you will be ok in the end.

Without going into too much detail like everyone else my husband and I were dealt a fair share of difficulties over the last 5/6 months and like everyone else found solutions to overcome said issues. We did not dwell, we worked hard to make it better. Was it easy? Heck no, but is it better? Yes and it’s better because we had the confidence in ourselves to make it that way. It always grinds my gears when people complain that this and that happened and do nothing to find a solution. They expect someone else to fix it for them. Sadly this is not how the world works. Put in the work and you will be rewarded. Anyway, after a few ruts we are finally starting to see why we had to be put through it and I’m happy that we have grown because of it?

I for one know confidence does not come easy for everyone. My confidence level fluctuates from time to time, but when I see those around me soar with confidence it motivates me so much. This past weekend was the Wisconsin State Olympic Weightlifting Meet at our gym. It was inspiring to say the least. Everyone is cheering for everyone else, even when they fail. Seeing my friends succeed at new things raised their confidence and in some weird way boosted mine. Maybe it was the adrenaline or maybe it was all the crazy awesome people watching these incredible athletes, but I was totally into it. (Side note: to all my friends that lifted this weekend great freaking job, you all are truly awesome!!)

When you find yourself ever doubting yourself or lacking the confidence in yourself and what’s you are doing I say look to those around you and have them show you that no matter what you can do anything and grow that confidence back up. It’s ok to have moments but don’t let those moments consume you and eat away at you. Rise up, work hard, and go for your dreams. Even with the smallest of tasks that little boost of confidence is all you need.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!




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