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Random Thoughts for the day

Oh man, it literally every ounce of energy this morning to get out of my warm, comfy bed and go to Crossfit. Luckily, I did and even though I moaned and groaned during the warm-up I actually had a great class today. Even with the few aches I have I love when I can put mind over matter and focus on the task at hand. With the open coming up I just want to do the best that I can.

Im usually pretty random and I’m constantly thinking about many random things at any given time during the day, like yesterday all I could think about was places I want to travel to with my husband (and babies). We were hoping to travel to Ireland before having a baby but it was not in the cards for us, just like going back to Hawaii was not or DisneyWorld. I could be sad about that, but I’m not. It got me thinking about new places I think we would both just love. Some of these places include: Sedona, AZ


Look at how gorgeous that is! We love to hike and Sedona has absolutely gorgeous views and I just feel it would be an amazing trip.



Matt’s family has Irish heritage and we know a lot of our friends who have visited here and said it was an absolute must.



My sister had the wonderful chance to go to Switzerland and said it was one of the most beautiful places she has ever been. Of course we were watching a hypercar documentary a few nights ago and one of our favorite car companies is located there. To say that the footage was not breathtaking would be a lie.

Grand Teton National Park


Hiking, beautiful mountains, wildlife, etc, Grand Tetons National Park has it all and I cannot wait to travel here.

Babies have been on my mind as there are a ton of people around me that are having babies and this year we are hoping to start trying too as well. It’s probably one of the most nerve racking chapters in our lives we have coming up, but I’m also excited to see what our child will be like. I find it fascinating how little kids have such strong personalities and how smart they are. I’m hoping my child will be the same way.

I hope you all have a great day, random thoughts and all. If it’s unusually warm by you make sure to take advantage of it and get outside and go for a walk, a jog, a bike ride, whatever!! Be active, it truly is the best form of stress relief out there!

– Courtny



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