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My Worst Habits

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here in Southeastern Wisconsin and I just cannot get enough of the fresh air coming in my windows. Yep, that’s right, it’s 67 degrees outside in February in Wisconsin. As wonderful as this is, it’s not normal and I do wonder what Mother Nature will have in store for us as winter comes to an end.

We all have habits, both good and bad. Some of the good include making sure to brush & floss everyday, take care of my fur babies, and keeping a tidy, organized house. Sounds great right? Totally normal and predictable, like what most people might say. However, as a society never talk about our bad habits! Why?! Because it might make us more human and not picture perfect? So let me paint my not so perfect picture….

I’m not so certain that it’s a bad habit, but I’m an obsessive control freak. If dishes are not put in the dishwasher properly I have to fix it; I also have to do all the laundry…99% of my clothes cannot go in the dryer so in my mind only I can do the laundry. Isn’t that embarrassing?! I also am really bad at drinking water throughout the day (if you didn’t know drinking water is extremely beneficial to your everyday health), and it leads me to feeling bloated, chunky, or fat. I think I am fat a lot of the time regardless and that qualifies as my worst habit, my body image issues.

By no means am I overweight or fat, but when I look in the mirror at times I see the chubby girl I was back in high school and the young woman I was in early 2009. I eat clean and exercise 4-6 days a week; I also am very active throughout the day with work, my pets, and running errands, etc, so as to why I always think I am F-A-T is beyond me, but it might be that I want to still be the perfect skinny size and as Elsa would suggest, “Let it go” and I can’t.

What else would be a bad habit of mine…..oh, when I’m tired or bored I complain a lot. Yeah, I hate that about myself, but I acknowledged it a long time ago and work on it when I get like that. It’s just not an attractive trait.

Having said that, I’m sure the picture of me looks something like this…..


Hot, right?! 😂

The point of this post is to show that you don’t need to be perfect, all the time… no make that at all. You are you, bad habits and all, all you have to do is not have those bad habits define who you are. You are so much more.

– Courtny


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