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Dear Body…

Hope you guys are doing well! Finally feel back to normal after our weekend in Vegas, I feel like an old woman when it is hard to stay awake past 8pm!! The joys of getting older, am I right?!

I think  I have a new addiction, one that I am totally ok with, but I love the Norwex products! It is a product line that focuses on completely “clean” cleaning products. The clothes have silver in them and all you use is water, it cuts back on using chemicals around your house! I am all for that as it is becoming more and more clear that pets and children are becoming highly sensitive to anything and everything! That’s scary. One of my closest friends held a party over the weekend and I just added so much more to my current collection, so I have a problem but I’m ok with it.

One of our coaches at CrossFit and his wife are expecting their first bundle of joy this spring and held a party to celebrate with all their friends this weekend and I said this to my husband, but we are so fortunate to have the friends that we do at our gym. If you are reading this and you are CFM members, we are so happy to have you in our lives, it is truly the best thing to know you. Congrats to the new parents to be too, I cannot wait to see your little one!

My last post was quite personal and it has continued with me into this week. I am feeling more comfortable and confident in who I am today even, and wanted to tell myself something. So here it goes…

Dear Body,

I appreciate everything you can do for me. The fact that I can get up each and everyday and walk, run, etc, that means the world to me. Being able to move the way I do is exciting, never in a million years did I think I could say I stuck with something as long as I have stuck with CrossFit (with no significant injuries at all might I add), but to say that 5 years I would still be as excited to walk in that door and squat, snatch, run, row, and clean the way I do I would have laughed. You kept getting stronger and I made sure to take care of you when you were run down. I kept you nourished and you showed me that my hard work paid off. I gained over 20# of muscle since I started, lost around 20#, lost countless inches, and gained confidence that is exponential. We worked together.

I know at times I stare at you and say that you are fat and ugly and that I hate you, but it is more me telling myself I should have worked harder that day to reach my goals I set for you. I never say it, but the body I see in the mirror is remarkable, the muscles that have grown, are to me beautiful. I love looking at my traps and my biceps and my delts, I worked hard for those and there you are! I also love that my used to be fatty thighs are nothing but solid muscle and I freaking love that. I was proud of my behind before, but now it’s even better! I’m so happy that I worked this hard to become strong and sexy.

So body, thank you for always working with me and telling me what worked and what didn’t. Thank you for showing me that when I put my mind to it I am unstoppable. Even though it is rare for me to say, I do love you. I am here and able to live my life because of you. I could not ask for me.



Whew, that was hard but oh so satisfying to say. Have you taken a hard look at yourself lately? No….we’ll go do it….right now. I will wait.

What did you see? Beauty right? Even if you just laughed at me, I bet you are a beautiful human. So go be proud of that.





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