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oops, it’s been a while!!!

Holy cow, has it been a long time since I posted! That is not a good thing. So let’s rehash….

My parents are moving to Colorado. It is bittersweet as they will not be a 22 minute drive away anymore, but when I look at where they will be and the fact that Colorado is basically my second home I am so excited for their new beginning. They finally get to live their lives and do the things they have been wanting to do for a very, VERY long time! How exciting is that? They had a few bumps in the road in terms of housing, but in the end everything worked out and they will be living in a super cute house south of Denver. My first visit out there will be in June….

And the reason I am going is to (hopefully pass) my CrossFit Level 1 Certification test!!! That’s right, I am registered and am SOOOOOO excited to go to CrossFit Roots in Boulder for my course. I have been to Roots before when we vacationed in Boulder in 2015 and loved the box and the coaches. I’m not sure which awesome CrossFitters will be leading this course, but I can only imagine that it is going to be a fun weekend full of WOD’s and of course learning. I am excited for the learning as since the end of March I have been interning at my CrossFit box in hopes of becoming a coach there in the near future. So far it has been a lot of fun and I feel in my element, but even though it is similar to what I do day in and day out, I am still learning on how coaching a CrossFit class is different from me teaching a group exercise class. Having said that, I am up for the challenge and am soaking in all the knowledge bombs my coaches are dropping and making sure to do my best. I have wanted this for at least 2 years, maybe more and finally I am making it happen.

As Spring has sprung here in Southeastern WI, my husband and I are resuming our house projects as we have been in the house now for almost 11 months!! We are hoping to get the deck built this upcoming weekend (please rain do not rain on our parade!!), and in May we will finally have a driveway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes those were all necessary. If you have built a house before you know that you get a rocky/gravelly driveway for a year. It sucks. Literally sucks. So to have a flat surface is going to be crazy awesome. I think we are both extremely excited for that.

There have been a lot of personal things going on too, of which I am not going to go into as I don’t really want to share it, however, I will say that I do not understand why people treat people the way they do or act the way they act at times. Why cut someone out of your life? Why act like you are all that and a bag of chips? Why cheat? Why lie? Where is the integrity in that?

I know the answer to some of these, that being people are going to do whatever they feel like, whether we agree with it or not. People only care about themselves (and some really show how much they care about others through their actions), but most are out for themselves. I wish we could share the love more among each other AND be honest with each other AND be honest with ourselves more. I am asking way too much with that, but a girl can dream.

Ok, random post over. I am going to make every effort to post more frequently as I do have a lot coming up that I am going to want to share and just write about. It is a free feeling to blog you know!




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