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Colorado or Bust!!

Gahhhhh!!!!! I’m so excited for the weekend! Since the end of March I have been interning at my CrossFit Box as a coaching intern and have learned so much about what it takes to be a good CrossFit coach. I must say our box has a special group of coaches, all of them bring something different and unique to the table and this weekend I am headed to Boulder, CO to attend and (hopefully) pass my C1 Level Course!!!! SOOOOOO excited!!!!

I am nervous, don’t get me wrong, but this stuff is what I live everyday. I train with it and to an extent I use the aspects with my own personal training except tailored for my clients not a CrossFit athlete, so it runs through my blood. I have been passionate about fitness and the human body since high school human anatomy and physiology, with my cat cadaver Thunder Thighs (he had a lot of fat around his thighs). Since then I obviously have taken this passion to my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and then a Master’s in Applied Exercise Science and have been a personal trainer since 2009. The different areas I have worked in, the different populations I have worked with, and the continuing education that I have received, all of it is because I love what I do.

So, this is just the next step in my journey. I hope that I learn a crap ton of information, I hope to meet some awesome people, and I sure as heck hope I pass the test. And maybe meet a few awesome Games athletes along the way…. that would be the icing on the cake!!

So to you all, have a great weekend, and welcome summer time fun!!




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